Statement on Partially Restored Cuts to the Territorial Funding Formula

February 17, 2016

MP David Yurdiga, Fort McMurray-Cold Lake – Statement On partially restored cuts to the Territorial Funding Formula

OTTAWA, ONTARIO (February 4, 2016) – Member of Parliament and Official Opposition Critic of Northern Affairs, David Yurdiga is calling on Minister of Finance Bill Morneau to reverse his decision to only partially restored the cuts to the Territorial Funding Formula.

Like many Northern Canadians MP Yurdiga is concerned that partial restoration will cause undue hardship to Northern communities.

“In the North everything costs more because goods often have to be flown in or delivered by ice roads. The distance between communities also drastically increases the cost of providing adequate government services. With such a small tax base and large expenses, the Territorial Governments rely on consistent funding from the Federal Government to maintain services. The Federal Government right now is essentially pulling the carpet out from under the Territorial Governments while at the same time shunning the biggest industry in the North, natural resources. ”

MP Yurdiga went on to mention that this funding undermines the confidence of the territorial government to plan long term.

“How can territorial governments plan ahead when they are unsure whether the Federal Government is going penny pinch by cutting vital funding in the North while promising more funding for everyone else?”

MP Yurdiga then called on Northerners to send their concerns to Minister Morneau.