SO31 – Rebuilding Fort McMurray

-(Ottawa, ON) May 25, 2016

Mr. Speaker

I will be forever humbled by the incredible support and compassion of the Canadian people. We came together with our fellow Canadians in a time of need. I can only begin to express how grateful I am to all the firefighters and emergency responders who risked their lives to save our community. To all those Canadians who have generously given to the Red Cross, and to my colleagues here today who have continued to offer their generous support: I thank you.

Mr. Speaker

In the coming weeks and months, residents of Fort McMurray will be returning to their homes where they will begin to pick up the pieces and rebuild from this tragedy. Nothing has brought the people of Fort McMurray together more than the act of lending a helping hand to those in need.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize that the long process of rebuilding has only just started. Business owners and residents alike, already hit hard by low oil prices, will need some sort of loan assistance from the Federal Government. We understand that no one will work harder, or do a better job at rebuilding Fort McMurray than those people who call it home. Contractors and construction companies in Fort McMurray that were hit hardest by the downturn must be on the frontlines of rebuilding our city.

Just as Fort McMurray will come together to rebuild, this House has put aside its differences as we come together to help these people rebuild their lives.

Thank you Mr. Speaker and God bless.