Out-of-control Wild Fire in Fort McMurray: City Evacuated

May 05, 2016


Fort McMurray, Alberta —  The City of Fort McMurray has been evacuated due to wildfires reaching the city. The fire has torn through a number of residential areas. Due to the location of the fire High Way 63 has been closed. Residents of Fort McMurray have been advised to head North to take refuge at the work camps belonging to the various oil sands developers.

Earlier today Member of Parliament for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake David Yurdiga left Parliament to return to his riding and assist with the evacuation efforts. When asked about the situation he responded “The growth of the fire has been a devastating development. I have spoken to people on the ground and although they are trying to fight the fire the weather conditions are not cooperating.”

He added “I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to those currently working- fighting the fires. The emergency personal throughout the city are heroes for staying to help.” To the residents of the city he said “Evacuate immediately and remain calm, do not stay home, do not attempt to hold out until the fire is past. Don’t risk your lives”.

When asked about the provincial governments actions he said that “we need all the resources we can get right now to stop this fire from engulfing the city. I was there for the Slave Lake fires and if this fire gets any bigger the outcome could be catastrophic. I cannot remember any wild fire of this magnitude so close to a city of our size.”

MP Yurdiga went on to call for the Federal Government to provide any resources they can to help fight the fire and assist with relief efforts. “This city has seen thousands of people leave their homes because of the downturn in oil. Fort McMurray cannot handle that and this wildfire. Even with the destruction caused by the fire thus far we will need federal funds to get back on our feet.”

For More Information: Ryan Ouderkirk 613-992-1154