MP Yurdiga Slams Liberals’ Sole-Source Purchase of Super Hornet

This week Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan announced the Government would explore the acquisition of 18 Super Hornet jet fighters on an interim bases. After the jets are purchased the Liberal Government will open a wide open transparent competition to replace the aging CF-18 fleet. Although the cost the jets was not released, an open completion is expected to take five years. David Yurdiga Member of Parliament for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake expressed his disappointment with the government’s decision.
“The men and women of the Royal Canadian Air Force deserve better. The Liberal Government has made the buying of new jets a fiasco.” said MP Yurdiga.
MP Yurdiga added “The Prime Minister keeps talking about a capability gap. Experts agree that gap doesn’t exist. What we have is a Government that promised an open and fair competition now sole sourcing last generation fighter jets without disclosing the cost. We could end up with last generation jets at 5th generation prices.”
MP Yurdiga went on to say. “The Liberal Party has had a shameful history of reckless spending but never supplying the Canadian Armed Forces with the equipment they need. Prime Minister Trudeau is doing nothing to end this Liberal legacy.”


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