MP Yurdiga Skeptical of PM Trudeau’s Continued Support to Build Trans-Mountain Pipeline

David Yurdiga, Member of Parliament for Fort McMurray – Cold Lake and the Official Opposition Critic for Northern Affairs, made a statement today regarding Trudeau’s approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans-Mountain Pipeline and Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Pipeline but rejection of the Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline.
“I am glad that Line 3 and Trans-Mountain where approved but simply approving pipelines is not enough” said MP Yurdiga. “Prime Minister Trudeau must continue to support pipeline development. Over the last year we have seen the Prime Minister break promise after promise from the budget to cash for access fundraising. I am skeptical that when public pressure mounts Trudeau will stand up for the energy industry” MP Yurdiga added.
MP Yurdiga went on to say “Trudeau’s rejection of the Northern Gateway is a huge disappointment and one of the reasons I’m skeptical Trans-Mountain will get built. Instead of taking an objective analysis of the situation, Trudeau made an extremely political decision.”
MP Yurdiga then mentioned the opposition to Northern Gateway “while there are indigenous groups and environmental activists celebrating this decision, there 31 indigenous communities that had signed on as equity partners to the doomed project that would have seen a projected 2 billion dollars in economic activity. Northern Gateway would have also brought 4,000 much need jobs to the region.”
MP Yurdiga added “For the sake of Albertans and all Canadians, I hope I am wrong and Trudeau delivers on these commitments.”

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