Bill C-246: Modernizing Animals Protection Act | Op-Ed


The Liberals want to take away the rights of law-abiding Canadian gun owners. Canada already has very strict laws regarding the use and possession of firearms, but the Liberals want to make gun ownership even more difficult. Of course regulations on firearms are necessary but law-abiding Canadians should not feel like criminals when they are trying to buy, use or transport their guns. When firearms are used responsibly by level-headed, law-abiding Canadians, they pose no threat. The Liberals want to interfere with the lives of law-abiding Canadian gun owners and severely restrict gun ownership in Canada.

By introducing more government red tape, the Liberals are criminalizing law-abiding Canadian gun owners. Canada is a very peaceful country with very few major acts of violence and even less shooting cases. We have achieved this by having well-controlled but fair regulations on firearms. The Liberals are trying to fix a system that is not broken—in fact, they are making it a lot worse. Many Canadians enjoy the recreational use of firearms and benefit from it by providing food for their family. Some Canadians even depend on the use of hunting firearms for their income. Others rely on firearms for protection from dangerous animals or people. The Liberals want to take away Canadians’ rights to recreational enjoyment and to be able to provide for their family. They even want to criminalize some Canadians’ source of income and the right to protect themselves. Canada is among the safest countries in the world with very few incidents of gun violence, yet the Liberals think it is necessary to put more restrictions on law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

In the eyes of the Liberals, if you own a gun you are a criminal. They take the typical urban view that guns mean crime. This view could not be further from the truth. Canadian farmers rely on the use of firearms to protect their livestock from predators. Many Canadians use firearms for sport, others use them for their livelihood and some even rely on firearms for protection, particularly in rural areas. Do the Liberals consider these Canadians to be criminals? Clearly they must, or at the very least they consider such activities to be out of line with their values. The Liberals should not be permitted to dictate their beliefs to Canadians who do not share their views.

During the election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to change certain laws, which were set by the previous Conservative Government to protect law-abiding firearms owners from unfair actions. The Liberals are looking to create a system that lacks openness and transparency in firearms cases. To ensure that all actions are reasonable and clean-handed, all firearms problems should be solved with advice from a firearms expert and not in bureaucratic backrooms. The Liberal Government is not only repealing previous legislation that was tried and true, they are also coming up with new Bills that jeopardize law-abiding Canadian gun owners. On April 12, 2016 a Liberal Senator introduced Bill S-223. Bill S-223 limits the ability of Canadians to use or possess firearms. S-233 proposes a number of measures that criminalize law-abiding firearms owners and makes it harder for people to participate in any recreational shooting activities. Bill S-223 will put extra restrictions on the transportation, storage and use of firearms. The rules are already strict but they are not needless. Current rules are made so that it is safe to have a gun but not impossible to obtain one. The Liberals want to wipe out private gun ownership in Canada with their over-zealous “sunny ways” agenda.

Canadians who enjoy recreational firearms use will not even be able to keep their hunting rifle in their home; it will have to be stored only at designated locations. Not only are the Liberals making it more difficult to acquire a firearm, they are even telling Canadians how they must handle their personal property. Within the Bill, there are also requirements for registering firearms with the Federal Government, a kind of backdoor firearms registry. Law-abiding Canadians should not have to disclose their private activities to the Government. If they want to legally purchase a gun and lawfully use it, they should not have to worry about being criminalized and having the Government snooping in their business.

The Trudeau Government was quick to begin its attack on gun owners. The Liberals refuse to make decisions based on evidence and instead push for further unnecessary restrictions and bureaucracy on lawful firearms owners. With the rhetoric of limiting handguns and assault rifles, the Liberals are going after ordinary Canadians, making law-abiding citizens into fugitives. One of the big problems with Liberal thinking is that guns mean crime. But law-abiding Canadians have a right to own firearms and it is important to be aware and vigilante of Liberal tactics, and to be vocal about our rights and principles. Do not let the Liberals have free reign to criminalize your lawful way of life.